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Brewery "IIIO Brewery" ("SHO Brewery") has been known in Ukraine for several years. The founders of the brand Dmytro Voloshchenko and Oleksiy Gubsky used to implement their craft ideas at the facilities of other manufacturers under contract.


From now on the team opened their own facility in Mykolaiv where they realize the daring beer fantasies.


The team produces two product lines: the classic "Pivmen", which includes such varieties as light Eurolager and witbier, as well as the line "SHO" with experimental craft varieties.

The main principles of the company: quality product and unusual bright tastes.

The name "SHO" was chosen to legitimize the most popular word of Ukrainians, and because, according to the team, everything they touch turns into SHO.

Euro Lager

Пивмен Lagerok

Milkshake IPA

ШО Holly Milk

Chech Lager

ШО Лейджер


Пивмен Pshenychka

American IPA

ШО Raketa IPA


ШО Ні, не скисло

New England IPA

ШО Hazer 3000

Dry Irish Stout

ШО Sukhoy Cherniy